Dreaming & The Keanu Reeves Effect

Have you ever been in the middle of an incredible dream, just to wake up, and have it end…without an ending? Everyone has, and if you’ve desperately tried to get back to sleep, and to where you left off in that dream, well, that’s called the Keanu Reeves effect. It’s named after one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reasons why women in America have some wonderful dreams that they don’t tell their husbands about.

Hopefully, when you have a great dream, you don’t wake up in the middle of it. But, there’s not much you can do about it if it’s your alarm clock waking you for work, your kids are bouncing off the walls, or your significant other telling you that you’re snoring woke them up. But, what if it’s a Saturday morning, all is quiet, and you really, really want to go back, and finish that dream? You can, and the more you practice, the more dreams that you’ll be able to get back to…and wake up later with a really, big grin.

Really good dreams!
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And if you’re thinking it has to one of those dreams, no! It can be any dream you wake up from, and you try like hell to go back to sleep, and get back in it. You could’ve dreamed that you were about to take a sip of champagne that you’ve never tasted before, or that you were about to walk in that beautiful house across town you’ve always dreamed about. But, sticking with the Keanu Reeves theme, here are some examples of Keanu-effect dreams I’ve been told about:

• Down on one knee, you watched as Keanu brought out a little, black, velvet box out of his right pocket – and then you woke up

• Mr. Reeves spotted you out of a crowd of thousands, and waved for you to come stand beside him on the red carpet – and then you woke up

• You, and he were sitting on a tree stump in the middle of the Redwood National Park, eating Cheetos, and discussing the perks of reincarnation – and then I woke up (Okay, that one was mine…)

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I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s named after the hunkiest-hunk in the world, and you may have had dreams that had a different hunk in them…it’s still called the ‘Keanu Reeves effect’.

Photo courtesy of enriquelopezgarre/pixabay

The good news is that you can train yourself to finish the dreams that you want to finish. Make a commitment to follow these steps whenever you wake up in the middle of any dream, and you’ll be training yourself to get back to the really, good dreams that got cut short:

• When you wake up in the middle of a great dream, stay very still; the more you move around, the quicker your dream will fade.

• If you need to use the bathroom, keep replaying the dream in your mind on your way to the bathroom, and on your way back to bed. Don’t check the clock, or anything else while you’re awake, just keep thinking about your dream.

• When you lay down, get as comfortable as you can, and don’t let your mind wander. Start thinking about what you would like to happen next in your dream, and meditate continuously on that while you fall back asleep.

It might not work the first or second time, but if you keep practicing it whenever you wake up at night, you’ll master it quicker than if you slack off here, and there. And when you do have a Keanu Reeves effect-dream, you might be able to go back, and finish it with a trip to the red carpet, a proposal, or, an exchange of Cheetos for Doritos; that would’ve been perfect…

Sweet dreams!
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