What Does Dreaming About Your Ears Mean?


For the most part, dreaming of your ears indicates that you’re having trouble with what you’re hearing – or not hearing – either in waking life or in your spiritual life. The problem usually shows up in your dreams with the sound suddenly being turned down, and you’re straining to hear what someone’s saying to you…it’s as if you’re becoming deaf in your own dream. At other times, you might dream that your ears are small, and not big enough to catch the information that’s trying to get in them.

And when you dream that someone you know is talking, and you can’t hear them, this dream is telling you to stop & listen..they’re saying something important that you need to know!

But, if you dream that it’s an unidentified older man that you can’t hear, then you need to either start meditating, or get back to it if you’ve been slacking off. The old man is your higher power, guardian angel, or whatever you choose to call him, and you’ll see yourself walking, talking with him, and as long as your meditating on schedule, you’ll see him often, and hear him clearly. But, once you stop meditating, you’ll start having ear problems in your dreams again, in one form or another. As the saying goes, ‘Praying is talking to God, and meditation is listening to Him.’


Another strange dream is one where you’re taking your ears off, and/or they’re just completely gone! This dream indicates that you’re not listening, not capable of listening, or taking advice right now, for whatever reason. No one really wants to think of themselves as being voluntary ignorant, but dreaming this can also symbolize that you just don’t want to ‘hear it’.

A common ear dream is seeing yourself with cauliflower ears. This unsightly condition is symbolic of your dangerous, aggressive behavior that will get you into trouble. Like boxers who end up with the condition after one fight, or many fights, when you dream of this, you’re being warned that you need to ‘get out of the ring, or you might get hurt.

Speaking of rings, when you dream that you’re wearing an earring, it could indicate that what you’re hearing is worth it’s weight in gold – if the earring was gold, of course. If you dream that the jewelry has a shape, you’ll have to consider that particular shape when you interpret the dream. For example, if it’s a round earring, it means that you’re listening to the Divine, because circles, and mandalas symbolize God in your dreams.

And if you dream of wearing a diamond earring, it symbolizes something that you’re hearing is a solid truth, much different than wearing a fake gem.

Hopefully you’re not dreaming of worms, or maggots in your ears! This dream indicates that there’s something physically wrong going on with or around your ears, and you need to see a doctor fast. Worms, maggots and nasty larva like that always symbolize a dark force that can cause physical destruction to the dreamer. Never brush off this type of dream.

Close to that, but not as serious or scary, is dreaming that bugs are in your ears. Bugs, like mosquitoes, ants, even roaches, symbolize something that irritates you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be damage coming from it. Listening to something that irritates you will cause you to grit your teeth, and if you have this dream, consider getting away from the person talking, or just refuse to listen to them anymore.

There are as many ways for your ears to appear in your dreams than any one person could think of, but if you remember some common symbols, you’ll be able to figure out what exactly the dream meant.