How to Communicate with Other People while You Dream

What an amazing idea! To be able to communicate with your loved one – or anyone – while you’re dreaming…well, you could tell another person how you really feel, warn them of danger, or see what they would or want to do in a given situation. The possibilities are endless!

You might already have an idea that you can communicate with someone else in your dreams… Have you ever talked to someone about your dream about them, and have them tell you that yes, that’s what they were doing last night, or that’s what they’ve been thinking about doing, or even, that’s what has already happened to them, and there’s no way you could’ve known any of it? If you can remember ever doing this in your life, then, 1. you’ve been paying attention to your dreams, and 2. you’re right, you, and your loved one have connected while you slept!

Most of the time, (especially for you who believe in spiritual connections) you’ll find that it’s you, and your close loved one who contact each other in dreams. Rarely, if ever, do people who don’t know each other, or even people who don’t care for each other, connect in their dreams. The one exception is that you’ll have a ‘warning’ or ‘danger’ dream that includes someone you don’t know or don’t like that may be thinking of harming you one way or another. Not only can you communicate in dreams, but you can always count on them to guide you, and protect you….if you know how to read the symbols.

So, how do you communicate better, and make the dream more vivid when you do talk with someone else in your dreams? Ideally, not only you, but all of your loved ones would want the same thing, and would be willing to do the same in order for a wonderful dream life. But, this is reality, so, you’re probably on your own with this. Even still, you can do thing by yourself that will change your dreams for the better, and communicate easier with others, and it’s not difficult!

Mental telepathy is common, even when you’re not dreaming!
  • Meditate!

Yes, meditation is the best thing you can do to enhance your dreams. Start a meditation routine – at least 15 minutes a day – and watch as your dreams change! They’ll become more vivid, more memorable, and you’ll be able to connect with other people easier. It takes practice, but in just a few days of including meditation in your daily activities, you’ll see the change.

  • Talk about your plans with the person you want to communicate with

If you talk about trying to communicate with Ralph, then you’ve already planted the seed in both of yours head for telepathy, and that’s half the job. If you don’t want to talk to Ralph about it, or you can’t, take a few minutes by yourself right before bed to think on it, or put a note under your pillow that says, “I’m going to talk to Ralph tonight about a raise.” It doesn’t mean that you’ll get the raise, but at the very least, you might have him dreaming about giving you one!

So, that’s it! It is that simple, but it won’t work every time (unless you’re a Buddhist monk who’s worked on dream telepathy for 50 years) but it will work, and sometimes you’ll connect with someone when you’re not even trying to. But, if you plan on working on this with a friend, check back with each other every morning (before you forget most of your dream) and see if anything significant happened the night before. It is fun, but dreams are meant to send you messages, so make sure that you don’t skip the important information for the sake of having fun!