Dreams of Danger

Have you ever woke up from a scary dream, and felt so grateful that it was just a dream? Sometimes nightmares are just nightmares, but sometimes bad dreams are a warning that you’re in danger, or even that you will be.

One of the signs that you’re having a sort of precognitive dream of danger, is that the dream will repeat itself in one way or another…maybe not scene for scene, but you will keep dreaming that you’re in danger if you keep ignoring the dreams. You might dream of snakes one night, monsters the next night, or falling off a cliff the following night.

Another sign is that the dream symbols that you see will be universally known to be a dangerous. For example, everyone (or most everyone) thinks of sharks as being dangerous; surfing or swimming with sharks is something almost no one would do. So, if you dream of this scene, it may mean that someone in your life is a ‘shark’ (predator) and you’re playing around with them, and you might end up being their dinner. Some of the most recognized symbols that might mean that you’re in danger are:

  • Dreaming that you’re using a lawn mower barefoot
  • Dreaming that you’re walking along a crumbling cliff
  • Dreaming that you’re playing with a loaded gun
  • Dreaming that you’re swimming with sharks
  • Dreaming that you’re driving extremely carelessly
  • Dreaming that you see a spider, or a spider with cobwebs
  • Dreaming that you see a venomous snake

There are more, no doubt, but this list should give you a good idea about how to spot a symbol in your dream that’s interpreted as being dangerous.

Let’s hope these dreams are few and far in between for you!

Dreaming of Your Birthday


In honor of my niece’s birthday, (she turns a beautiful 36 today) I’m blogging about dreams of birthdays, parties, birthday cakes, and having babies; anything to do with a birthday.

Happy Birthday Missy!

Dreaming that it’s your birthday symbolizes a new idea, adventure, or project that you’re just starting out with. You probably know what the idea is, but in case you can’t figure it out, try to remember who, and what else was at the party with you. Was it your editor friend from the office if you’re thinking of starting a blog or writing a book? Or, was it a famous cook if you’re trying to pull a snazzy meal together for you spouse’s retirement party? Maybe it was Martha Stewart with scissors in hand if you’re thinking of giving paper crafting a try as a hobby. Whenever you don’t understand what the meaning of the dream was, look for other clues in the scene…there’s usually something in there that’ll give you the answer that you’r looking for.

But, oddly enough, sometimes dreaming of funerals, caskets, and death in general represents a new beginning, too. If you think about it, whenever something ends, there’s always a new, if not sometimes strange, beginning that comes from it. So don’t be too distraught if you have dreams having to do with death, it could be the beginning of something new, and wonderful for you!


Other things to look for in your dream that might mean a new beginning are: balloons, cake, parties, music, dancing, wrapped gifts, and birthday cards. Dreaming of any one of these can be interpreted as a birthday dream.

Take notice if your dream came with a premonition…there are times when you’ll be given a heads-up as to how your new project will pan out. If you dream that your party fizzles out, and people either don’t show up or they leave early, or your cake gets dropped before you can get a bite, it may be showing you that the new thing in your life isn’t going to work out after all. Maybe it’s the timing, or the way your going about it, but, keep your chin up, there’s always something new to try instead!



Questions Answered & Dream Premonitions

Your third eye opens when you dream

If you’ve paid any attention to your dreams at all, you know that all kinds of information can be had from your dreams, from foretelling the future, to solving problems. If you don’t believe in it, it doesn’t matter, you still have answered question and premonitions!

Dream premonition is a real thing, and it happens more often than people think. And then there’s the questions that have been answered in dreams… famous people talking on record about how they invented or fixed a product because the answer was given to them in a dream, and the obvious conclusion is that we dream to make our lives easier to navigate, avoid tragedies, even avoid certain people, to learn how to fix, invent, or make better a product or situation.


If we would just listen to our dreams, we’d reap the benefits in waking life…

Scientists are working on being able to record our dreams, and there has to be a really good reason they’re going to all the trouble to do that. Have a dream about major catastrophe? Let’s rewind that and see exactly what happened and where! Dream about how to fix global warming in a snap? Let’s go to the video! Or, on a more personal note; want to know which dinner date you should follow up with, and which one to pass on? Let’s see what last night’s answer was!

If you’ve ever read about famous dream premonitions, you know that disregarding your dreams can be a fatal mistake. Passengers on the Titanic, 9/11 victims, even Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain had dream premonitions, and there are so many others that I wouldn’t be able to list them all here. You’ve probably had a few, whether you remember them or not.

With that being said, it would be pretty cool to rewind your dream in the morning and watch it over your coffee and Cherrios. Can you imagine your significant other watching with you and asking, why the hell did you dream about her? And, the whole reason that you’re reading this blog post right now is because of a question that I was given the answer to in a dream!


So, how do you know if the dream you had is a premonition or not? Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up! If the dream felt shockingly real, then it’s a premonition. It’s really that simple. But in order to not forget the details, write it down, because you will, no matter how much you think you won’t, forget the details….everyone does.

Please comment & tell me the most dramatic dream you’ve ever had, whether it was a premonition or not!



The #1 Rule for Keeping a Dream Journal


Working on dream interpretation might seem like an entertaining, interesting & fun thing to do…until someone tells you that you should keep a dream journal & actually WRITE IN IT EVERY DAY.

Wait, what? That sounds like work & it sounds like work before I can even get out of bed in the morning & there are rules, too? …uh, uh, nope…

This is where the #1 rule for dream-journaling comes in handy: There aren’t any rules.

First, your journal can be anything from some loose notebook paper that’s stapled at the corner, to one of those $1.00 spiral notebooks at Walmart to a real, snazzy leather-bound journal from Staples. Anything that you can write on is fine.

As for the writing part, most of the time, it really isn’t writing, but jotting down words, images or whatever from your dream that will help you to remember what it was all about later, when you’re more awake. It usually looks like this:

Frog in my coffee….jumped from the licorice fence…spotted cat said nope…everyone agreed with the dog-policeman..


You get the picture. Just a word or two to jog your memory is fine, but if you really want to dive-in and write your dream journal out like a real diary, with whole sentences about what happened in the dream, what you think & feel about it, and anything else is fine. Like I said above; there are no rules…do what makes you happy.

Speaking of happiness, that is the whole reason to keep a dream journal, you know..you’re dreams will guide you (if you listen to them) to a happier place, and they’ll warn you when you need to be warned. But, you won’t remember the guidance you’ve been given unless you just write. it. down.




Why Write Your Dreams Down?

Like I promised, I’m writing about last night’s dream…only I slipped up and didn’t write it down as soon as I woke, and now it’s gone forever. The thing is,  I know better than to think that I’ll remember my dream, so why I didn’t write it down is beyond me. I’m thinking that I wanted to get out of bed and start my day right away, and it  could have waited just a few minutes.

Another factor is that sometimes my dreams just don’t seem that important, like there won’t be some kind of message in it because it was absolutely boring. Now I know better than that, too, because ever single dream is giving you some kind of message. So to write it down, and look at it later, might make something in your life come together a little  better. Or, you might get an answer to a problem you’ve been having…many famous people have had dreams just like that.

So, I have learned my lesson on the benefits of writing my dreams down, and I hope you will too. There’s lots and lots of positive benefits to keep a dream journal, and not one negative!


Dreams of Being Naked


If you’ve ever dreamed that you were suddenly naked in front of a group of people, (I think we all have) and woke up relieved that it was just a dream, you forgot about it, threw the covers off and headed for the coffee pot.

Have you ever wondered what that dream really meant, and why you happened to dream it at that specific place in time?

The ‘naked dream’ is one of the easiest dreams to interpret… most of us have made the connection between feeling vulnerable and feeling ‘naked’. But, do you remember who you were naked in front of, and where at? The answer to these two questions will provide you with information about yourself, and how to turn a negative situation around to a positive.

If, for instance, you dreamed you were naked in front of someone you just started dating, then it’d be perfectly natural to have the naked dream; everyone feels vulnerable in the first few weeks of dating. But if you dreamed that you were naked in front of your spouse, or another loved one, you need to ask yourself why you feel unprotected around someone you should be feeling protected around.


The last time I had the naked dream was more than 10 years ago, which is strange because I pretty much feel vulnerable all the time. I’m thinking I had the dream when I encountered a new situation to feel vulnerable in some more, so it was more of a strange & unknown circumstance dream more than anything.

And, now that I’ve mentioned it (because dreams sometimes break all the known rules) I wonder if I’ll have the naked dream tonight, just so the dream world can kind of poke fun at me a little, lol.

If I do, or if I don’t, I’ll let you know about tonights dream in tomorrow’s blog post….





Dreaming of Snakes – The Surprising Meanings


Just like any other dream symbol, dreaming of a snake has different meanings depending on how you feel about snakes, what the snake looked like, & what it was doing in your dream. But, for the most part, many of us are afraid of snakes, & that makes the meaning of dreaming of a snake a little easier to interpret.

If you’ve read any of The Dream Catcher Facebook posts, you know that every character in your dream, whether it be a person, an animal, a car or a house, is an aspect of your personality and your life. We rarely dream about the problems of other people, because our dreams have been given to us to help guide us through our life…not to guide us through someone else’s life.

So, if we dream of a snake, and that snake is really just a side of ourselves, and it’s hissing & biting at us (which is usually the case in dreams) the interpretation would be that it’s our own self accusing & showing disapproving of our own actions.


If the snake is huge, then it means that we feel enormously guilty about whatever we’ve done, and if the snake is small, our guilt is just a tiny, fly-in-the-face annoying type of guilt.

The second most popular interpretation about snakes is: evil & temptation in it’s purest form. The book of Genesis has galvanized the snake as wicked since the beginning of time, and when you dream of being attacked by a snake, and someone who you don’t trust is also in the scene, it’s a warning to stay away from that person, just as Adam & Eve should’ve stayed away from Eden’s snake. If you dream that you’re following the snake, or the snake is somewhere that you’d secretly like to be, then the interpretation for you is temptation. Just as with the ‘guilty’ snake above, the bigger the serpent, the bigger the threat of evil or the threat of temptation.


So, for most of us, dreaming of snakes is a negative dream, but you need to pay attention to the rest of what’s going on in the dream to figure it out. I’m a big dream-journal fan because when you catch every element of your dream on paper before it fades away into oblivion & is forgotten forever, you can look back at your journal entries and discover new information about yourself, and sometimes, you’ll realize that you’ve had warnings about people or situations in more than enough time to have avoided the problem!




Real Contact with Your Loved One

We’ve all had dreams about our loved ones who’ve passed on, but have you had that one dream? You know the one…that fascinating dream that you and your deceased loved one were talking…the one that stood out from all the others and felt so real that as soon as you woke up, you had to tell someone about it?


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t had the dream…


But, if you’re jumping in your chair because you know exactly what I’m talking about, then you’ve made contact with your loved one in your dream!

Yes, I know exactly you’re talking about!

When you’ve had the dream that you were talking with a person that has passed away in waking life, and you woke up amazed, excited and thrilled, but you’re not sure how to explain it to anyone, that dream wasn’t a dream…that was the real deal, you’ve literally spoke to someone who has passed on! You’re loved one has figured out that the only way to speak to you so that you can really hear them, is to talk to you through your subconscious…that is, your dreams!

If you’re still not sure that you’re conversation with your loved one was real, there are some other clues that they’ve reached out to talk with you in your dreams:

  • The person had a particular habit in waking life, and they used or showed the habit to you in your dream.
  • If you shared a secret with your deceased loved one, they let you know what the secret was…to prove to you that it’s really is them.
  • They talk a lot, and sometimes you can’t get a word in edgewise, because, after all, they’re trying to explain something to you in a very short amount of time.
  • They’re happy! Most of the time, when people have real contact with a loved one, the person who has passed is at peace, and truly is happy. In many cases, that’s the reason they’ve met up with you in your dream…to let you know that everything is okay.
  • It’s inexpiable how real the dream was. You woke up knowing the dream was real, but you have a hard time trying to explain why it felt so real.
  • The dream stays with you for years.


Hopefully you will have this happen to you in your lifetime, because it’s a life-changing experience..you’ll know that life is good on the other side, and your love ones are okay.

If you’re wondering if I’ve ever had the dream, the answer is yes. I decided to take a quick nap during the day several years ago. My dad, who’d been gone for almost ten years, appeared in my dream. He proved it was him by doing a little trick that he always did when I was afraid of something, and the trick would make everything better. I woke up absolutely astonished, happy and excited… I couldn’t wait to tell everyone I knew about it. I’ve never forgotten the dream, and I know it was real. But,I won’t give away what the trick was, because that’s forever between him and I.


Did You Dream About Any of These Things Last Night?

Dreams are so incredibly strange, it’s easy to ignore them as nighttime brain-babble. They seemingly make no sense, but sometimes, they’re warning you of impending danger!

Take note if you dreamed about any of these symbols last night; they’re almost always negative dream symbols:

  • A stop sign; an obvious dream symbol that you need to ‘stop’ whatever the rest of the dream is showing you.
  • A red light; the same type of warning as a stop sign.
  • Putting your foot on the brakes in a car; most of the time when you dream of this situation, the brakes fail to work. It’s a real warning that you’re losing control.
  • Oddly enough, dreaming of spiders and spider webs indicates that someone is setting you up for a trap. This is also a premonition dream, and it’s not to be ignored. Remember who else was in the room with you & the spider to figure out who to avoid in waking life.
  • A trap door; similar to the spiders web, someone is trying to ‘trap’ you.
  • Dreaming of someone in your back yard or coming through your back door; these 2 places indicate that someone is hiding something from you because it’s in unseen, in the back of your home.
  • Cigarette smoking; always, and I mean, ALWAYS a negative symbol combined with a warning that something is REALLY WRONG. Also a premonition dream, this is one of the strongest warning symbols that I dream about when something terrible is happening. Pay attention to who is smoking the cigarette, and you’ll know who the warning is about.

Hopefully you didn’t dream any of these warning signs last night, but like everyone else, you probably will eventually. That’s one of the reasons why keeping a dream journal within arms reach of your bed and jotting down the most important symbols from your dream as soon as you wake is so important! If you wait until after you’ve had that first cup of coffee, about half of your dream will already be forever gone.

Even if your dream didn’t seem all that interesting or important, scratch it down on a piece of paper anyway and you may be able to figure out something very intriguing before the days over with!


Dreams Of Having An Abortion?



Dreaming of an abortion is interpreted as the end of a project, or idea; maybe even a relationship.

Because dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes a new beginning, new idea, or new project, it makes sense that dreams of an abortion indicates that you’ve ended the situation, and not anyone else.

When I have this dream, I wake up a little shocked, and a little sad. But, interestingly, I once dreamed that I had an abortion that had the doctor taking the baby out of my left side. In dream interpretation, the left symbolizes the wrong way – always – there isn’t any other interpretation for it.

Your back symbolizes help, reinforcements..i.e. someone ‘has your back’. It’s a little iffy, but I think that someone or something that appeared to be of help to me was the wrong person or thing, and I ‘aborted’ the situation or idea of it.

Thankfully, I don’t have too many abortion dreams. They disturb me and leave me feeling guilty, even though I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m guessing it’s just the thought alone that bothers me so much.