What Does it Mean when You Dream of Money?

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Most of us wake up pretty happy when we’ve dreamed of coming into money… especially a lot of it! But when you’ve dreampt of finding money time and time again, and you still haven’t had a bag drop from the sky and into your lap, you tend to ignore your dreams of stumbling on cold, hard cash; you forget about it, and go on about your day trying to make ends meet.

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Way back in your subconscious, though, money means a whole lot more than money. More times than not, whatever you see in your dreams means something else entirely.

Think of Pictionary…trying to guess what the picture you’re seeing really means…and honestly, it isn’t all that easy sometimes.

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Depending on what’s going on in your waking life, seeing money in your dreams is usually a positive dream, unless your dreaming that you’ve lost it or it’s being taken from you. If that’s the case, you might want to change something that you’re doing in waking life that you know will cause negative consequences, but, we’ll get to that later…

So, back to one interpretation…when you dream of money, it can symbolize tangible or spiritual blessings. Something like, ‘when you do good, good will come back to you’ kind of thing, which is real, by the way…it’s called Karma, or ‘an eye for an eye’.

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Many people dream of finding money while they’re walking down a sidewalk, or they suddenly find it in their wallet or purse. Since dreaming of walking on a sidewalk or street symbolizes you going down your life’s path, a dream of finding money along the way indicates that you’re going to be blessed with good fortune in some way in your waking life, for whatever reason. It really could be with cash, but usually it’s with something else, i.e., good health, love, help…things that you think are just good luck that seemingly fall in your lap all of the sudden.

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The way that the money appears in your dream matters, too. Paper money is obviously worth more than coins in our minds, so seeing wads of money can symbolize that your blessing is going to be a large one. But, if it’s coins that you’re seeing, it can either mean that your reward is going to be modest, or one that ‘adds up’ in time.

Another thing you’ll see in your dreams is puns, so when you see coins in your dream, it could mean that there’s going to be a ‘change’ in your life very soon. What’s really interesting, though, is that you can interpret what kind of change is in your dream. For instance; if it is indeed a dream predicting a change, and you see a dime or a penny, it symbolizes a small change in your life. If you see a quarter, it symbolizes a bigger change, and if you see a half-dollar or a silver dollar, that’s a very big change…in fact, that’s the biggest change that you’re going to see in your dreams.

You’ll also get a hint about the change by paying attention to where the change was in your dream, too. Like I said above, if it’s on a sidewalk or road, there’s going to be a change as you’re going down the pathway of your life. But, if you dream that your best friend hands you some coins, then there’s going to be a change that has something to do with your friend.

Or, you can have a dream like I did, and see your husband come in the door and put several silver dollars on the dining room table (the dining table represents family, so this means a change in family)…and less than a week later, your elderly father father-in-law moves in with you…and causes many, big changes in your life…

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If you lose money in your dream, it might mean that your about to lose, or your in danger of losing, some positive qualities that you already have…spiritual, physical, even mental. This one’s a little hard to grasp, but…think about your integrity being challenged because you’re offered a bonus at your job that should really go to someone else…maybe your co-worker that actually did all the work for it…would you take it? Well, if you dream that you’re losing money while you’re busy stealing money in waking life, you’re actually dreaming about losing your virtues of integrity, honesty, authenticity, and many more. It’s not a good trade-off, to be sure. But like I said before, if you’ve done something good for someone else, you will dream the opposite.

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So, when you dream that you’ve come into money, it could mean that you’re about to find a little cash, but it probably doesn’t. In fact, it could indicate a change in your life, or that you’re about to gain something far more valuable…a virtue, a valuable character trait, or a type of ‘reward’ from your Higher Power for a job well done.

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Boycott Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble

I know this is a dream interpretation page, but it is my page, and I write it because it might help people on their spiritual journey in life. With that being said, I will write about other things when I feel strongly enough about them, and I need to let other people know in order to help keep them from negative consequences, or to help lead them to something spiritually positive.

Today I happened to see a news article about how Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble are selling a book for children entitled, ‘The Children’s Book on Demons’. It instructs children on how to summon demons when their not happy about something in their life.

There are people who will think that this is all fun and games, and maybe even cute. This post is not for you.

If you’re a spiritually minded person, you know this can lead children down a dark path that they might not be able to come back from. It can be dangerous on so many levels that I won’t even list them. It is not cute.

So, I’m boycotting Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble until they take this book off of their shelves. It was a ridiculous decision on their part to even support it, and whoever is responsible for making that decision needs to rethink their own character and integrity.

How would you feel if you saw your child or your grandchild reading this satanic book on demons?

I hope you’ll also boycott these stores until the book is removed.

What Dreaming of Your Face Symbolizes

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Usually when we dream about our face, it’s part of a larger dream, and not a dream on it’s own. It’s unusual to have more than a micro-second visual about something happening to part of our face, but if you do have a complete dream where your face is the main subject, the message that’s being sent to you is: “you really need to pay attention to this.”

One common theme is dreaming that your eye falls out. That’s also usually part of a larger dream, but it can happen on it’s own, too. If you dream about this particularly gruesome predicament, it mean that you’re losing your perspective about a situation, thing, or person. The only difference between people who dream this is that some dream that they put their eye back in, signifying that they have corrected the problem, and those that just keep walking along with their eyeball in their hand, signifying that they need to correct the problem.

If you dream that you’re blind, it signifies you’re refusal or inability to see something, whether it be qualities about someone else, facts about something, or ‘the truth’ about a situation. It could be that you’re not able to see whatever it is that you need to see, instead of just not wanting to see it. In any case, this dream is an important one, and you’ll keep dreaming it until you fix the problem…

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If you dream about your nose, it can indicate several different things, and you’ll have to remember what else was happening in your dream in order to interpret it. But, besides symbolizing that something’s wrong in your waking life; ‘Something smells fishy’, or ‘His story doesn’t pass the smell test’, your nose represents curiosity or ‘nosiness’; ‘She always has her nose in my business.’ If you dream that your or someone else’s nose is painted brown, the symbolization is that some ‘brown-nosing’ is going on. Sometimes, dreaming of your nose can symbolize the need to follow your instincts; ‘If you want to know what to do, follow your nose.’ It can also indicate a small distance; ‘He won by a nose,’ or represent talents that you have; ‘You have a nose for this.’ It can also mean that you’re rubbing noses with someone, or squeezing into position ‘by a nose’.

And, if you happen to see someone’s nose getting longer in your dream…well, you know what that means…

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The most interesting part of your face to dream about is your lips. Many people dream that their lips are glued shut, buttoned shut or zippered shut…no interpretation needed on that, especially if you’ve been talking a little too much lately!

But other dreams can indicate that it’s not how much you’re talking, but the words that you’re using in waking life that are the problem. To dream that your lips are in good condition can mean that your words are very good and beautiful, or, if they’re in bad condition, the way you’re speaking is very bad and ugly. Dreaming that you’re wearing or applying beautiful lipstick (whether you’re male or female) indicates that the way you’re speaking is beautiful, or that you’re trying to speak to people in a lovely way. And in the spiritual sense, trying to be a better person counts with the Almighty, too.

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Lastly, if you dream that you’re looking at your face in a mirror, it symbolizes the need for you to ‘reflect’ on your identity, your character, or it can mean that you need to ‘face’ something about yourself or your current situation. If the mirror is broken or breaks while you’re looking in it, it indicates that your perception of yourself is ‘broken’, and that you need help.

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If you dream about your face and you can’t make sense of what you saw, write it down in your journal…the meaning might very well come to you later!

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What Your Dreams About Water Mean

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Have you ever dreamed of a hurricane, tsunami, flood or a rainstorm? All of these dreams have some form of water in them, but symbolize many, many different things. Even dreaming of what you’re doing in water has it’s own symbolism and meaning.

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If you dream that you’re swimming – and doing a good job of it – it indicates that you’re going along in life fairly well; you’re managing your life’s journey pretty good, and have mastered ways of keep your head above water and make progress at the same time.

On the other hand, if you dream that you’re drowning, it indicates that you’re feeling overwhelmed in waking life. I say, ‘feeling’ because over-thinkers and overly-sensitive people like myself will sometimes dream of drowning when there’s no real good reason to get their panties in a bind. Others will dream that they’re drowning in shallow water, and have the ability to stand up, but don’t. Either way, it sucks to feel like you’re drowning in your troubles, but if you notice, when you dream of drowning, you’re usually able to breath just fine (meaning that you will be okay) or you realize that you’re able to stand up and save yourself (meaning that you’re making a big deal out of nothing). Unless you’re going to the beach anytime soon, and can’t swim, dreams of drowning are usually just emotional-release dreams; indicating how you feel at this stage in your life.

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Another common water-dream is seeing waves…big, little, far away or close by. The waves symbolize ‘waves’ of emotion, and if you’re in the middle of a dramatic (positive or negative) situation right now, then you understand why you dreamed what you dreamed. Waves are less intense than drowning dreams, but they still indicate strong emotions. And, sometimes, dreams will forewarn you about upcoming situations, too; meaning you may have something to celebrate, or something to grieve about coming soon. Don’t fret, because the waves are just that; waves…they come and go and are never the same, just like life. Don’t try bury them, and don’t think that they’ll last forever; just ride ’em out and you’ll be fine.

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More dramatic and disturbing is dreaming of tsunamis and hurricanes, as you might know. When you dream of these disastrous storms, they symbolize just that; that the situation you’re in feels like a disaster to you. Sometimes these dreams can be a forewarning of events yet to come, but it might not be as bad as it seems. What feels like a disaster to you might be something that’s completely fixable; it’s just a pain in the ass. Another take on the meaning could be that if you continue to do whatever it is that you’re doing in waking life, you’ll be heading for an unavoidable disaster. That might mean stop texting, and driving, or stop avoiding your yearly, physical exam. If your dream is a warning, you’ll know it if you dream about it more than once. Dreams have a way of insisting we pay attention to them if it’s urgent to our quality of life.

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At the other end of the spectrum is dreaming of calm waters. It sounds like exactly what it symbolizes; your waking life is in a peaceful phase, either right now, or it will be. There’s also a chance that you’re dreaming of calm waters because of wishful thinking, but that doesn’t happen as often as dreaming it as a reflection of your current situation in waking life.

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The different meanings of rain are all over the place; you just have to look at your waking life to determine the symbolism. Are you feeling particularly blessed at this moment in your life? Rain can symbolize blessings that are ‘coming down’ on you in abundance, or similarly, it can denote the end of a dry spell; either financially, spiritually or in your personal life.

Hopefully, your dream of rain isn’t because of tears. Sometimes you’ll dream of rain, or even a leaky pipe when you’ve shed tears, or when tears are on the way. Like dreaming of waves, except that rain indicates tears specifically, and not any other high, roller-coaster emotion.

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If you dream that you’re rolling your pants up, and wading in water, it might symbolize the careful steps your taking in a new, waking life experience. On the other hand, it could symbolize your shyness in a new relationship, job or other experience. Either way, taking things slowly is usually good advice.

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If you dreamed that you’re not wading, but instead, taking a bath, it means that you’re getting rid of old attitudes, and ideas for fresh, clean, new ones. Taking a bath always symbolizes a cleaning of your outer self; the part that deals with the world, and everyone in it, and not your soul or spirit, because God, or the Divine, is the only one who can cleanse your inner-self.

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And lastly, if you dream that you’re putting an anchor down in water, it symbolizes either: you’re at a stand-still with learning new things in life, or, your want to settle down, or, you have feelings of being held back, and controlled. Just like every dream you have, your current situation in life will help give you the right meaning.

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Also, when you interpret your dream of water, pay close attention to how you felt during the dream to understand it’s meaning; did you feel sad in the rainstorm, or did you feel relief, or even joy? Did setting an anchor down in the ocean feel comforting, or did you feel resentment, and hostility? Dream symbol meanings aren’t the same for everyone, and your feelings about the symbol will always be your best guide to interpreting them.

Dreaming & The Keanu Reeves Effect

Have you ever been in the middle of an incredible dream, just to wake up, and have it end…without an ending? Everyone has, and if you’ve desperately tried to get back to sleep, and to where you left off in that dream, well, that’s called the Keanu Reeves effect. It’s named after one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reasons why women in America have some wonderful dreams that they don’t tell their husbands about.

Hopefully, when you have a great dream, you don’t wake up in the middle of it. But, there’s not much you can do about it if it’s your alarm clock waking you for work, your kids are bouncing off the walls, or your significant other telling you that you’re snoring woke them up. But, what if it’s a Saturday morning, all is quiet, and you really, really want to go back, and finish that dream? You can, and the more you practice, the more dreams that you’ll be able to get back to…and wake up later with a really, big grin.

Really good dreams!
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And if you’re thinking it has to one of those dreams, no! It can be any dream you wake up from, and you try like hell to go back to sleep, and get back in it. You could’ve dreamed that you were about to take a sip of champagne that you’ve never tasted before, or that you were about to walk in that beautiful house across town you’ve always dreamed about. But, sticking with the Keanu Reeves theme, here are some examples of Keanu-effect dreams I’ve been told about:

• Down on one knee, you watched as Keanu brought out a little, black, velvet box out of his right pocket – and then you woke up

• Mr. Reeves spotted you out of a crowd of thousands, and waved for you to come stand beside him on the red carpet – and then you woke up

• You, and he were sitting on a tree stump in the middle of the Redwood National Park, eating Cheetos, and discussing the perks of reincarnation – and then I woke up (Okay, that one was mine…)

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I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s named after the hunkiest-hunk in the world, and you may have had dreams that had a different hunk in them…it’s still called the ‘Keanu Reeves effect’.

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The good news is that you can train yourself to finish the dreams that you want to finish. Make a commitment to follow these steps whenever you wake up in the middle of any dream, and you’ll be training yourself to get back to the really, good dreams that got cut short:

• When you wake up in the middle of a great dream, stay very still; the more you move around, the quicker your dream will fade.

• If you need to use the bathroom, keep replaying the dream in your mind on your way to the bathroom, and on your way back to bed. Don’t check the clock, or anything else while you’re awake, just keep thinking about your dream.

• When you lay down, get as comfortable as you can, and don’t let your mind wander. Start thinking about what you would like to happen next in your dream, and meditate continuously on that while you fall back asleep.

It might not work the first or second time, but if you keep practicing it whenever you wake up at night, you’ll master it quicker than if you slack off here, and there. And when you do have a Keanu Reeves effect-dream, you might be able to go back, and finish it with a trip to the red carpet, a proposal, or, an exchange of Cheetos for Doritos; that would’ve been perfect…

Sweet dreams!
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Lincoln’s Belief in the Power of His Dreams

President Lincoln believed in the guidance of his dreams
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As he began to dream, Lincoln experienced “a death-like stillness about me.” Hearing the sounds of subdued sobs, he walked downstairs in search of the “mournful sounds of distress,” but encountered no living person until he entered the East Room, where he found “a sickening surprise”; a covered corpse resting on a catafalque, surrounded by soldiers, with mourners gazing at the body and weeping. “‘Who is dead in the White House?’ I demanded of one of the soldiers,” Lincoln related in Lamon’s account, continuing; “‘The President” was his answer; “He was killed by an assassin!'” Lincoln then stated that he awoke soon after in response to a “loud burst of grief from the crowd” did not sleep again that night due to the dream, and “have been strangely annoyed by it since.”

President Lincoln related many of his dreams to his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, and she took them seriously, and tried to interpret them. It’s easy for us to look back, and realize that except for one premonition, some of her interpretations (and his) were probably incorrect; deciding most as political-based dreams, instead of the dark truth…he was having premonitions of his own death.

Reportedly, Lincoln’s first premonition was seeing himself in two mirrors; in the first, he was alive, and healthy; a normal reflection. In the second, he saw an eerie, lifeless image of himself. After seeing the ‘dead’ image, Lincoln took a walk in an attempt to shake it off. When he told Mary of the dream, she interpreted it as a warning that he wouldn’t live through his second term as president of the Untied States.

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Another dream Lincoln had seems simple, and easy to interpret, but for whatever reason, it was also pushed aside.

The president dreamed of being on a boat by himself; he was heading into fog, and he couldn’t navigate the boat as it sped up across the ocean. Interpreted, the boat was Lincoln; the water he sped across was his life, (shortness of time; soon) and the fog was the unknown (death). Mary Todd Lincoln’s interpretation that this dream was about her husband’s eagerness to push a political issue may have been a sign that it was the most prominent thing on her mind at the time, and not a true dream interpretation. Projecting your own mindset is something that you have to be aware of, and avoid in the study of dream interpretation.

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Some reports incorrectly state that Lincoln didn’t believe in dream premonition, but his dreams fascinated him enough for him to tell his wife, and others about them, and to ask for help interpreting them. The president also took to the Bible for help interpreting his dreams, saying (correctly) that the book was filled with dream symbols & interpretations. He was also particularly disturbed by the ‘funeral dream’, and the essence of it stayed with him for several days afterwards.

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The lesson is; if you dream of anything that gives you anxiety, bothers you, and you can’t seem to ‘shake off’, no matter if the dream is about you or someone else, take it as your sign that the message in that dream demands attention. If it catches you off guard the first time, be prepared to write your dreams down the following mornings, and when you look back at them – study them – you might be able to put together the symbolization, get the message, and save yourself or someone else a world of trouble.

What Does Dreaming of Two of Something Mean?

Dreaming of two of something usually isn’t, by itself, a basic symbol. First you need to know what you saw two of symbolizes; were there two dogs, two of you, or two houses? That’s where you start when you interpret your dream, and remember that the number two is usually a positive symbol, unless it’s connected to a negative symbol in your dream: two spiders, or two worms, which are more premonitions than symbols, and serves as a literal warning. I once dreamed of two red dots on my backside, and later, during a colonoscopy, found out I had two polyps. Once they were removed, I didn’t dream of the red dots anymore.

Dreaming of two faces; an obvious symbol for deceitfulness
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So, if it’s not a warning dream, think of bicycles, motorcycles, the Scales of Judgement, and anything else that uses two to equal, and distribute weight evenly, symbolizes balance, strength, and equality. For example, if you’ve dreamed of two homes, your interpretation would be that two sides of you or your life are equal, and balanced; one side isn’t overwhelming the other side. Dreaming of two dinner plates on your table would mean that you need to create a more balanced diet for yourself, and dreaming that you’re wearing two sets of eyeglasses symbolizes your outlook is balanced, and not one-sided.

What do you think that dreaming of two, old crows symbolizes?
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One of the most common dreams people have are of two animals; two dogs, two cats, and so on…this is always more tricky to interpret. Just like all animals you dream about, most have more than one character quality, and have to be interpreted in conjunction with the rest of your dream in order to get the right symbolism. But, keep in mind that the general attitude about dogs is that they can’t be trusted 100% of the time. It pretty much depends on the circumstances as to how the dog will act, and even then, they may just change their mind for no reason except what’s known to themselves. That’s why when you see a strange dog, even it it’s a three-pound chihuahua wagging it’s tail off, you won’t just run to it, pick it up in your arms, and cover it with wet smooches; you may just get your face tore off. Even people who own chihuahuas admit there are certain things they can, and can’t do with their little cutie pie if they want to keep their bodily parts intact.

Dreaming of a white dog symbolizes innocence, wholeness, and purity
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So, when you dream of two dogs, for example, are they the obvious, full-on teeth-baring-drool-dripping-demon-growl-from-hell kind of dogs, or were they the kind that immediately flop over, and insist that you rub their belly the first time they meet you? Whichever it was, if you saw two of them, it may mean a double amount of how the dogs, cats, ect., made you feel in your dream: maybe you felt skiddish, and on high-alert, (about your marriage, if you also saw wedding symbolism) or you felt twice as much obedience, (about your faith, if you saw religious symbolism?), or twice as much fear, (about overcoming your claustrophobia, if you saw yourself in a small space?) or maybe twice as much playfulness (when dealing with your own children, if you saw children, or you were the child). What you saw two of in your dream combined with the other symbolism is what the interpretation is.

Dreaming of spiders is never a good thing!
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Dreaming of cats can symbolize independence, playfulness, and even sexual prowess. When you dream of two of them, it might indicate your, and your significant other’s relationship in waking life. But, like all other symbols, there are always exceptions: a black cat symbolizes bad luck, (you’re fearing bad luck or you feel like you’re having a streak of bad luck) and if you’re allergic to cats, it symbolizes your need to avoid a situation, or a person for the benefit of your health.

Dreaming of a green cat might symbolize your jealous streak!
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What’s easier to interpret is dreaming of lifeless objects. If you dream of two airplanes, that symbolizes two of your ideals, or hopes, and dreams. Dreaming of two doorways denotes two choices, or opportunities in your life, (if the doors are open). Dreaming of two cars symbolizes two parts of your physical, or spiritual body, and like in the first paragraph above, dreaming of two houses symbolizes two parts of your life, or for some people, it symbolizes that they’re leading a ‘double-life’.

What did you dream about last night?
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Even with all the exceptions, the basic interpretation of the number two is balance, justice, duality, and a doubling. If you’re thoroughly confused with your ‘two dream’, remember to write down everything you remember about it, and you’ll most likely dream of two again until you look at all the pieces, and figure it out. The nice thing about the Divine sending us messages in dreams, is that if it’s important, He’ll keep sending it in different scenarios until we finally get it.

Why do You Dream of Bridges?

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Dreaming of a bridge, whether you’re crossing it, standing by it, or going under it, usually means that you’re in a transition in your waking life. Much like dreaming of a butterfly, but different; dreaming of the butterfly connotes a beautiful change, going from a dull, commonplace existence to something majestic, and extraordinary. Dreaming of a bridge, by comparison, means overcoming something difficult in your life, going from bad to good, or good to bad. It can also denote a link between two opposite things in your life, maybe a link you’ve not seen before. The thing that’s different about bridges, though, is that you can go from good to bad, positive to negative, and with butterflies, it always means that you’re going from ‘blah’ to magnificence. We’ll do more on butterflies in another post…

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com/users/PublicDomainPictures-14

There’s always a catch in dreams, though; the appearance of the symbol always makes a big difference with the meaning of the dream. So, the condition, shape, and construction of the bridge tells you what kind of transformation you’re making. And, if you see a bridge you’re familiar with in waking life, it might indicate that you’ve tried to go through this transition before – or maybe you have completed the transition before – but now you have different circumstances to deal with.

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com/users/KELLEPICS-4893063

If the bridge seems like a normal bridge, i.e., built with cement, blocks, bricks or steel, then your transition will be a normal one, probably one that everyone has to make in life. But, if it’s constructed with something illogical, like candy, play-dough, jello, or it’s cartoon-ish looking, it’s your sign that your choice to cross this bridge is just plain silly.

If you dream that you’re going under the bridge, it might signify that you’re hiding your transition, or, that you’re going about the change the wrong way – whichever meaning rings true to you, and what’s happening in your life at the moment. If you dream that you’re walking backwards over the bridge, it means that you’re going backwards in life, and choosing to not to take forward, natural steps, (like any other dream where you’re walking or driving backwards, it’s never a positive symbol).

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com/users/DarkWorkX-1664300

Like going the wrong way over, or under a bridge, standing still on, or by a bridge has a negative interpretation. If you’re a spiritual person, or you’re trying to be, you know that you should always be moving in some direction; if not forward, then backwards, (believe it or not!) but never motionless, spiritually speaking. Staying stagnant here on earth, not going backwards, or forwards, not making mistakes, or learning from them, is not what we’re here for! Dreaming of standing still when you should be moving is your wake-up call to get going!

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com/users/DarkWorkX-1664300

If you see yourself going over a rickety bridge, then your transition may not be an easy one, or even a feasible one. But, if the bridge is made of blocks, or bricks in particular, it means that the things you’ve ‘built up’ or worked on have made crossing this bridge possible.

Needless to say, dreaming of a bridge that bends, and twists like, ‘Galloping Gertie’ (the Tacoma Narrows Bridge) is bad news! If you’ve dreamed of the engineering catastrophe, abort your transition, turn around, and get on safe land!

Finally, if your bridge curves this way, and that way, it may mean that your situation won’t be a straight shot; in fact, it may take a surprise turn, or two before you complete your transition into something better. But, don’t ever give up, if your bridge is in good shape, keep going; you might be surprised at what’s on the other side!

What Does Dreaming About Your Ears Mean?


For the most part, dreaming of your ears indicates that you’re having trouble with what you’re hearing – or not hearing – either in waking life or in your spiritual life. The problem usually shows up in your dreams with the sound suddenly being turned down, and you’re straining to hear what someone’s saying to you…it’s as if you’re becoming deaf in your own dream. At other times, you might dream that your ears are small, and not big enough to catch the information that’s trying to get in them.

And when you dream that someone you know is talking, and you can’t hear them, this dream is telling you to stop & listen..they’re saying something important that you need to know!

But, if you dream that it’s an unidentified older man that you can’t hear, then you need to either start meditating, or get back to it if you’ve been slacking off. The old man is your higher power, guardian angel, or whatever you choose to call him, and you’ll see yourself walking, talking with him, and as long as your meditating on schedule, you’ll see him often, and hear him clearly. But, once you stop meditating, you’ll start having ear problems in your dreams again, in one form or another. As the saying goes, ‘Praying is talking to God, and meditation is listening to Him.’


Another strange dream is one where you’re taking your ears off, and/or they’re just completely gone! This dream indicates that you’re not listening, not capable of listening, or taking advice right now, for whatever reason. No one really wants to think of themselves as being voluntary ignorant, but dreaming this can also symbolize that you just don’t want to ‘hear it’.

A common ear dream is seeing yourself with cauliflower ears. This unsightly condition is symbolic of your dangerous, aggressive behavior that will get you into trouble. Like boxers who end up with the condition after one fight, or many fights, when you dream of this, you’re being warned that you need to ‘get out of the ring, or you might get hurt.

Speaking of rings, when you dream that you’re wearing an earring, it could indicate that what you’re hearing is worth it’s weight in gold – if the earring was gold, of course. If you dream that the jewelry has a shape, you’ll have to consider that particular shape when you interpret the dream. For example, if it’s a round earring, it means that you’re listening to the Divine, because circles, and mandalas symbolize God in your dreams.

And if you dream of wearing a diamond earring, it symbolizes something that you’re hearing is a solid truth, much different than wearing a fake gem.

Hopefully you’re not dreaming of worms, or maggots in your ears! This dream indicates that there’s something physically wrong going on with or around your ears, and you need to see a doctor fast. Worms, maggots and nasty larva like that always symbolize a dark force that can cause physical destruction to the dreamer. Never brush off this type of dream.

Close to that, but not as serious or scary, is dreaming that bugs are in your ears. Bugs, like mosquitoes, ants, even roaches, symbolize something that irritates you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be damage coming from it. Listening to something that irritates you will cause you to grit your teeth, and if you have this dream, consider getting away from the person talking, or just refuse to listen to them anymore.

There are as many ways for your ears to appear in your dreams than any one person could think of, but if you remember some common symbols, you’ll be able to figure out what exactly the dream meant.

What Your Left Side & Right Side Mean in Your Dreams

You may not have noticed that when you dream at night, you dream of your left side, and your right side pretty often, and there’s a good reason for it. Have you ever gotten yourself in a jam, and wished that you’d had some guidance before, or after the fact? Well…you did, you just didn’t see it. Read on to discover this gem of information, and it may change your life…

Say, for instance, that you’ve gotten 2 different invitations to spend the day with 2 of your good friends, and you don’t know which one to go with. That night, you dream that you’re driving, and you come to a fork in the road. You can’t go straight; you can only go to your left, or right. You stop, and see your good friend, Norma, on the left, beckoning you to come her way. You almost let off the brake, when you see Cindy on the right, also beckoning you to come her way. What to do?

The backstory is that Norma, you’re friend since first grade, is a little irresponsible, especially with her driving. She has no problem with doing a little texting while she’s driving, and she answers every time her phone rings, even while driving down the expressway. It irritates you, but you figure that nothing bad will happen.

On the other hand, Cindy, your friend of a few weeks, promptly turns her phone off while she’s driving, and politely keeps it off the whole time that you’re together. In fact, if it does happen that she’s waiting for an important call, she gets off of the road, and pulls into a parking lot to take care of it.

The dream you had bugs you a little, so, you toss a quarter, and decide to go with Cindy for the day. It’s a good thing, too, because the next day you find out that Norma, and another friend were in a terrible car wreck the day before, and her friend was killed instantly. Naturally, it turns out that Norma was texting, and driving when she ran a red light, and the oncoming vehicle couldn’t stop in time.

When you dreamed that Norma was on the left beckoning you to come her way was symbolic of her wanting you to come, and spend the day with her, but her being on the left side in your dream meant that going with her was the wrong way….or, the wrong decision.

Cindy was also on the right side waving to you to go with her – the right way. The Divine set your dream up this way to get the message to you that there was a right, and wrong way to go, and that hopefully, you’d catch on.

Whether you call your higher power God, the Divine, or the Blessed Mother, it’s always trying to help you, trying keep you out of trouble, and lessen your problems. Since we’re too busy in waking life to ‘get the message’, the higher power chooses to get your full attention when your relaxed, and asleep. All you need is to understand the symbols, or code, that the message is in.

It’s basically full-proof, too. The right way will never appear on your left in your dreams, and the wrong way will never appear on your right. And, another gem; if you are desperate for an answer to something, pray it! Ask for the answer to be given to you in your dream, and there’s a very good chance that it will. You have to do your part, though; put a journal or just a piece of paper, and pen by your bedside, and start writing what you dreamed of as soon as you wake up. Before you pull the covers back, before you look at the clock, before you stir around, (moving around makes the dream fade quicker) reach for that paper, and pen, and write. it. down. Draw pictures of what you saw, or write words that’ll help you remember, like; ‘dog’ ‘flying’ or ‘garden of roses’, anything to keep it in your mind. You’ll forget 90% of the dream before the day’s over, and if you don’t understand the symbolism right away, it just might dawn on you after you give it some more thought.

To be honest, most of the time that I’ve prayed for an answer, I have been given one that night. But, there’s been a couple of times that I haven’t seen the answer. I still don’t know if the answer was given to me, and I didn’t understand it, or if my higher power didn’t give it to me for whatever reason. But, no matter what, I trust it to guide me to the right way all the time…because there’s one fact; your dreams will never lie!

~ Much thanks to darksouls1, KELLEPICS, Perlinator, Clker-Free-Vector-Images, Karen_Nadine, & Alexas_Fotos at Pixabay for the use of their awesome artwork! ~