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Have you ever dreamed of a hurricane, tsunami, flood or a rainstorm? All of these dreams have some form of water in them, but symbolize many, many different things. Even dreaming of what you’re doing in water has it’s own symbolism and meaning.

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If you dream that you’re swimming – and doing a good job of it – it indicates that you’re going along in life fairly well; you’re managing your life’s journey pretty good, and have mastered ways of keep your head above water and make progress at the same time.

On the other hand, if you dream that you’re drowning, it indicates that you’re feeling overwhelmed in waking life. I say, ‘feeling’ because over-thinkers and overly-sensitive people like myself will sometimes dream of drowning when there’s no real good reason to get their panties in a bind. Others will dream that they’re drowning in shallow water, and have the ability to stand up, but don’t. Either way, it sucks to feel like you’re drowning in your troubles, but if you notice, when you dream of drowning, you’re usually able to breath just fine (meaning that you will be okay) or you realize that you’re able to stand up and save yourself (meaning that you’re making a big deal out of nothing). Unless you’re going to the beach anytime soon, and can’t swim, dreams of drowning are usually just emotional-release dreams; indicating how you feel at this stage in your life.

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Another common water-dream is seeing waves…big, little, far away or close by. The waves symbolize ‘waves’ of emotion, and if you’re in the middle of a dramatic (positive or negative) situation right now, then you understand why you dreamed what you dreamed. Waves are less intense than drowning dreams, but they still indicate strong emotions. And, sometimes, dreams will forewarn you about upcoming situations, too; meaning you may have something to celebrate, or something to grieve about coming soon. Don’t fret, because the waves are just that; waves…they come and go and are never the same, just like life. Don’t try bury them, and don’t think that they’ll last forever; just ride ’em out and you’ll be fine.

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More dramatic and disturbing is dreaming of tsunamis and hurricanes, as you might know. When you dream of these disastrous storms, they symbolize just that; that the situation you’re in feels like a disaster to you. Sometimes these dreams can be a forewarning of events yet to come, but it might not be as bad as it seems. What feels like a disaster to you might be something that’s completely fixable; it’s just a pain in the ass. Another take on the meaning could be that if you continue to do whatever it is that you’re doing in waking life, you’ll be heading for an unavoidable disaster. That might mean stop texting, and driving, or stop avoiding your yearly, physical exam. If your dream is a warning, you’ll know it if you dream about it more than once. Dreams have a way of insisting we pay attention to them if it’s urgent to our quality of life.

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At the other end of the spectrum is dreaming of calm waters. It sounds like exactly what it symbolizes; your waking life is in a peaceful phase, either right now, or it will be. There’s also a chance that you’re dreaming of calm waters because of wishful thinking, but that doesn’t happen as often as dreaming it as a reflection of your current situation in waking life.

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The different meanings of rain are all over the place; you just have to look at your waking life to determine the symbolism. Are you feeling particularly blessed at this moment in your life? Rain can symbolize blessings that are ‘coming down’ on you in abundance, or similarly, it can denote the end of a dry spell; either financially, spiritually or in your personal life.

Hopefully, your dream of rain isn’t because of tears. Sometimes you’ll dream of rain, or even a leaky pipe when you’ve shed tears, or when tears are on the way. Like dreaming of waves, except that rain indicates tears specifically, and not any other high, roller-coaster emotion.

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If you dream that you’re rolling your pants up, and wading in water, it might symbolize the careful steps your taking in a new, waking life experience. On the other hand, it could symbolize your shyness in a new relationship, job or other experience. Either way, taking things slowly is usually good advice.

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If you dreamed that you’re not wading, but instead, taking a bath, it means that you’re getting rid of old attitudes, and ideas for fresh, clean, new ones. Taking a bath always symbolizes a cleaning of your outer self; the part that deals with the world, and everyone in it, and not your soul or spirit, because God, or the Divine, is the only one who can cleanse your inner-self.

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And lastly, if you dream that you’re putting an anchor down in water, it symbolizes either: you’re at a stand-still with learning new things in life, or, your want to settle down, or, you have feelings of being held back, and controlled. Just like every dream you have, your current situation in life will help give you the right meaning.

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Also, when you interpret your dream of water, pay close attention to how you felt during the dream to understand it’s meaning; did you feel sad in the rainstorm, or did you feel relief, or even joy? Did setting an anchor down in the ocean feel comforting, or did you feel resentment, and hostility? Dream symbol meanings aren’t the same for everyone, and your feelings about the symbol will always be your best guide to interpreting them.

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