Dreaming of two of something usually isn’t, by itself, a basic symbol. First you need to know what you saw two of symbolizes; were there two dogs, two of you, or two houses? That’s where you start when you interpret your dream, and remember that the number two is usually a positive symbol, unless it’s connected to a negative symbol in your dream: two spiders, or two worms, which are more premonitions than symbols, and serves as a literal warning. I once dreamed of two red dots on my backside, and later, during a colonoscopy, found out I had two polyps. Once they were removed, I didn’t dream of the red dots anymore.

Dreaming of two faces; an obvious symbol for deceitfulness
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So, if it’s not a warning dream, think of bicycles, motorcycles, the Scales of Judgement, and anything else that uses two to equal, and distribute weight evenly, symbolizes balance, strength, and equality. For example, if you’ve dreamed of two homes, your interpretation would be that two sides of you or your life are equal, and balanced; one side isn’t overwhelming the other side. Dreaming of two dinner plates on your table would mean that you need to create a more balanced diet for yourself, and dreaming that you’re wearing two sets of eyeglasses symbolizes your outlook is balanced, and not one-sided.

What do you think that dreaming of two, old crows symbolizes?
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One of the most common dreams people have are of two animals; two dogs, two cats, and so on…this is always more tricky to interpret. Just like all animals you dream about, most have more than one character quality, and have to be interpreted in conjunction with the rest of your dream in order to get the right symbolism. But, keep in mind that the general attitude about dogs is that they can’t be trusted 100% of the time. It pretty much depends on the circumstances as to how the dog will act, and even then, they may just change their mind for no reason except what’s known to themselves. That’s why when you see a strange dog, even it it’s a three-pound chihuahua wagging it’s tail off, you won’t just run to it, pick it up in your arms, and cover it with wet smooches; you may just get your face tore off. Even people who own chihuahuas admit there are certain things they can, and can’t do with their little cutie pie if they want to keep their bodily parts intact.

Dreaming of a white dog symbolizes innocence, wholeness, and purity
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So, when you dream of two dogs, for example, are they the obvious, full-on teeth-baring-drool-dripping-demon-growl-from-hell kind of dogs, or were they the kind that immediately flop over, and insist that you rub their belly the first time they meet you? Whichever it was, if you saw two of them, it may mean a double amount of how the dogs, cats, ect., made you feel in your dream: maybe you felt skiddish, and on high-alert, (about your marriage, if you also saw wedding symbolism) or you felt twice as much obedience, (about your faith, if you saw religious symbolism?), or twice as much fear, (about overcoming your claustrophobia, if you saw yourself in a small space?) or maybe twice as much playfulness (when dealing with your own children, if you saw children, or you were the child). What you saw two of in your dream combined with the other symbolism is what the interpretation is.

Dreaming of spiders is never a good thing!
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Dreaming of cats can symbolize independence, playfulness, and even sexual prowess. When you dream of two of them, it might indicate your, and your significant other’s relationship in waking life. But, like all other symbols, there are always exceptions: a black cat symbolizes bad luck, (you’re fearing bad luck or you feel like you’re having a streak of bad luck) and if you’re allergic to cats, it symbolizes your need to avoid a situation, or a person for the benefit of your health.

Dreaming of a green cat might symbolize your jealous streak!
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What’s easier to interpret is dreaming of lifeless objects. If you dream of two airplanes, that symbolizes two of your ideals, or hopes, and dreams. Dreaming of two doorways denotes two choices, or opportunities in your life, (if the doors are open). Dreaming of two cars symbolizes two parts of your physical, or spiritual body, and like in the first paragraph above, dreaming of two houses symbolizes two parts of your life, or for some people, it symbolizes that they’re leading a ‘double-life’.

What did you dream about last night?
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Even with all the exceptions, the basic interpretation of the number two is balance, justice, duality, and a doubling. If you’re thoroughly confused with your ‘two dream’, remember to write down everything you remember about it, and you’ll most likely dream of two again until you look at all the pieces, and figure it out. The nice thing about the Divine sending us messages in dreams, is that if it’s important, He’ll keep sending it in different scenarios until we finally get it.

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