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Dreaming of a bridge, whether you’re crossing it, standing by it, or going under it, usually means that you’re in a transition in your waking life. Much like dreaming of a butterfly, but different; dreaming of the butterfly connotes a beautiful change, going from a dull, commonplace existence to something majestic, and extraordinary. Dreaming of a bridge, by comparison, means overcoming something difficult in your life, going from bad to good, or good to bad. It can also denote a link between two opposite things in your life, maybe a link you’ve not seen before. The thing that’s different about bridges, though, is that you can go from good to bad, positive to negative, and with butterflies, it always means that you’re going from ‘blah’ to magnificence. We’ll do more on butterflies in another post…

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There’s always a catch in dreams, though; the appearance of the symbol always makes a big difference with the meaning of the dream. So, the condition, shape, and construction of the bridge tells you what kind of transformation you’re making. And, if you see a bridge you’re familiar with in waking life, it might indicate that you’ve tried to go through this transition before – or maybe you have completed the transition before – but now you have different circumstances to deal with.

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If the bridge seems like a normal bridge, i.e., built with cement, blocks, bricks or steel, then your transition will be a normal one, probably one that everyone has to make in life. But, if it’s constructed with something illogical, like candy, play-dough, jello, or it’s cartoon-ish looking, it’s your sign that your choice to cross this bridge is just plain silly.

If you dream that you’re going under the bridge, it might signify that you’re hiding your transition, or, that you’re going about the change the wrong way – whichever meaning rings true to you, and what’s happening in your life at the moment. If you dream that you’re walking backwards over the bridge, it means that you’re going backwards in life, and choosing to not to take forward, natural steps, (like any other dream where you’re walking or driving backwards, it’s never a positive symbol).

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Like going the wrong way over, or under a bridge, standing still on, or by a bridge has a negative interpretation. If you’re a spiritual person, or you’re trying to be, you know that you should always be moving in some direction; if not forward, then backwards, (believe it or not!) but never motionless, spiritually speaking. Staying stagnant here on earth, not going backwards, or forwards, not making mistakes, or learning from them, is not what we’re here for! Dreaming of standing still when you should be moving is your wake-up call to get going!

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If you see yourself going over a rickety bridge, then your transition may not be an easy one, or even a feasible one. But, if the bridge is made of blocks, or bricks in particular, it means that the things you’ve ‘built up’ or worked on have made crossing this bridge possible.

Needless to say, dreaming of a bridge that bends, and twists like, ‘Galloping Gertie’ (the Tacoma Narrows Bridge) is bad news! If you’ve dreamed of the engineering catastrophe, abort your transition, turn around, and get on safe land!

Finally, if your bridge curves this way, and that way, it may mean that your situation won’t be a straight shot; in fact, it may take a surprise turn, or two before you complete your transition into something better. But, don’t ever give up, if your bridge is in good shape, keep going; you might be surprised at what’s on the other side!

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