Have you ever woke up from a scary dream, and felt so grateful that it was just a dream? Sometimes nightmares are just nightmares, but sometimes bad dreams are a warning that you’re in danger, or even that you will be.

One of the signs that you’re having a sort of precognitive dream of danger, is that the dream will repeat itself in one way or another…maybe not scene for scene, but you will keep dreaming that you’re in danger if you keep ignoring the dreams. You might dream of snakes one night, monsters the next night, or falling off a cliff the following night.

Another sign is that the dream symbols that you see will be universally known to be a dangerous. For example, everyone (or most everyone) thinks of sharks as being dangerous; surfing or swimming with sharks is something almost no one would do. So, if you dream of this scene, it may mean that someone in your life is a ‘shark’ (predator) and you’re playing around with them, and you might end up being their dinner. Some of the most recognized symbols that might mean that you’re in danger are:

  • Dreaming that you’re using a lawn mower barefoot
  • Dreaming that you’re walking along a crumbling cliff
  • Dreaming that you’re playing with a loaded gun
  • Dreaming that you’re swimming with sharks
  • Dreaming that you’re driving extremely carelessly
  • Dreaming that you see a spider, or a spider with cobwebs
  • Dreaming that you see a venomous snake

There are more, no doubt, but this list should give you a good idea about how to spot a symbol in your dream that’s interpreted as being dangerous.

Let’s hope these dreams are few and far in between for you!

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