In honor of my niece’s birthday, (she turns a beautiful 36 today) I’m blogging about dreams of birthdays, parties, birthday cakes, and having babies; anything to do with a birthday.

Happy Birthday Missy!

Dreaming that it’s your birthday symbolizes a new idea, adventure, or project that you’re just starting out with. You probably know what the idea is, but in case you can’t figure it out, try to remember who, and what else was at the party with you. Was it your editor friend from the office if you’re thinking of starting a blog or writing a book? Or, was it a famous cook if you’re trying to pull a snazzy meal together for you spouse’s retirement party? Maybe it was Martha Stewart with scissors in hand if you’re thinking of giving paper crafting a try as a hobby. Whenever you don’t understand what the meaning of the dream was, look for other clues in the scene…there’s usually something in there that’ll give you the answer that you’r looking for.

But, oddly enough, sometimes dreaming of funerals, caskets, and death in general represents a new beginning, too. If you think about it, whenever something ends, there’s always a new, if not sometimes strange, beginning that comes from it. So don’t be too distraught if you have dreams having to do with death, it could be the beginning of something new, and wonderful for you!


Other things to look for in your dream that might mean a new beginning are: balloons, cake, parties, music, dancing, wrapped gifts, and birthday cards. Dreaming of any one of these can be interpreted as a birthday dream.

Take notice if your dream came with a premonition…there are times when you’ll be given a heads-up as to how your new project will pan out. If you dream that your party fizzles out, and people either don’t show up or they leave early, or your cake gets dropped before you can get a bite, it may be showing you that the new thing in your life isn’t going to work out after all. Maybe it’s the timing, or the way your going about it, but, keep your chin up, there’s always something new to try instead!



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