Your third eye opens when you dream

If you’ve paid any attention to your dreams at all, you know that all kinds of information can be had from your dreams, from foretelling the future, to solving problems. If you don’t believe in it, it doesn’t matter, you still have answered question and premonitions!

Dream premonition is a real thing, and it happens more often than people think. And then there’s the questions that have been answered in dreams… famous people talking on record about how they invented or fixed a product because the answer was given to them in a dream, and the obvious conclusion is that we dream to make our lives easier to navigate, avoid tragedies, even avoid certain people, to learn how to fix, invent, or make better a product or situation.


If we would just listen to our dreams, we’d reap the benefits in waking life…

Scientists are working on being able to record our dreams, and there has to be a really good reason they’re going to all the trouble to do that. Have a dream about major catastrophe? Let’s rewind that and see exactly what happened and where! Dream about how to fix global warming in a snap? Let’s go to the video! Or, on a more personal note; want to know which dinner date you should follow up with, and which one to pass on? Let’s see what last night’s answer was!

If you’ve ever read about famous dream premonitions, you know that disregarding your dreams can be a fatal mistake. Passengers on the Titanic, 9/11 victims, even Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain had dream premonitions, and there are so many others that I wouldn’t be able to list them all here. You’ve probably had a few, whether you remember them or not.

With that being said, it would be pretty cool to rewind your dream in the morning and watch it over your coffee and Cherrios. Can you imagine your significant other watching with you and asking, why the hell did you dream about her? And, the whole reason that you’re reading this blog post right now is because of a question that I was given the answer to in a dream!


So, how do you know if the dream you had is a premonition or not? Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up! If the dream felt shockingly real, then it’s a premonition. It’s really that simple. But in order to not forget the details, write it down, because you will, no matter how much you think you won’t, forget the details….everyone does.

Please comment & tell me the most dramatic dream you’ve ever had, whether it was a premonition or not!



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