Working on dream interpretation might seem like an entertaining, interesting & fun thing to do…until someone tells you that you should keep a dream journal & actually WRITE IN IT EVERY DAY.

Wait, what? That sounds like work & it sounds like work before I can even get out of bed in the morning & there are rules, too? …uh, uh, nope…

This is where the #1 rule for dream-journaling comes in handy: There aren’t any rules.

First, your journal can be anything from some loose notebook paper that’s stapled at the corner, to one of those $1.00 spiral notebooks at Walmart to a real, snazzy leather-bound journal from Staples. Anything that you can write on is fine.

As for the writing part, most of the time, it really isn’t writing, but jotting down words, images or whatever from your dream that will help you to remember what it was all about later, when you’re more awake. It usually looks like this:

Frog in my coffee….jumped from the licorice fence…spotted cat said nope…everyone agreed with the dog-policeman..


You get the picture. Just a word or two to jog your memory is fine, but if you really want to dive-in and write your dream journal out like a real diary, with whole sentences about what happened in the dream, what you think & feel about it, and anything else is fine. Like I said above; there are no rules…do what makes you happy.

Speaking of happiness, that is the whole reason to keep a dream journal, you know..you’re dreams will guide you (if you listen to them) to a happier place, and they’ll warn you when you need to be warned. But, you won’t remember the guidance you’ve been given unless you just write. it. down.




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