Like I promised, I’m writing about last night’s dream…only I slipped up and didn’t write it down as soon as I woke, and now it’s gone forever. The thing is,  I know better than to think that I’ll remember my dream, so why I didn’t write it down is beyond me. I’m thinking that I wanted to get out of bed and start my day right away, and it  could have waited just a few minutes.

Another factor is that sometimes my dreams just don’t seem that important, like there won’t be some kind of message in it because it was absolutely boring. Now I know better than that, too, because ever single dream is giving you some kind of message. So to write it down, and look at it later, might make something in your life come together a little  better. Or, you might get an answer to a problem you’ve been having…many famous people have had dreams just like that.

So, I have learned my lesson on the benefits of writing my dreams down, and I hope you will too. There’s lots and lots of positive benefits to keep a dream journal, and not one negative!


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