If you’ve ever dreamed that you were suddenly naked in front of a group of people, (I think we all have) and woke up relieved that it was just a dream, you forgot about it, threw the covers off and headed for the coffee pot.

Have you ever wondered what that dream really meant, and why you happened to dream it at that specific place in time?

The ‘naked dream’ is one of the easiest dreams to interpret… most of us have made the connection between feeling vulnerable and feeling ‘naked’. But, do you remember who you were naked in front of, and where at? The answer to these two questions will provide you with information about yourself, and how to turn a negative situation around to a positive.

If, for instance, you dreamed you were naked in front of someone you just started dating, then it’d be perfectly natural to have the naked dream; everyone feels vulnerable in the first few weeks of dating. But if you dreamed that you were naked in front of your spouse, or another loved one, you need to ask yourself why you feel unprotected around someone you should be feeling protected around.


The last time I had the naked dream was more than 10 years ago, which is strange because I pretty much feel vulnerable all the time. I’m thinking I had the dream when I encountered a new situation to feel vulnerable in some more, so it was more of a strange & unknown circumstance dream more than anything.

And, now that I’ve mentioned it (because dreams sometimes break all the known rules) I wonder if I’ll have the naked dream tonight, just so the dream world can kind of poke fun at me a little, lol.

If I do, or if I don’t, I’ll let you know about tonights dream in tomorrow’s blog post….





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