Just like any other dream symbol, dreaming of a snake has different meanings depending on how you feel about snakes, what the snake looked like, & what it was doing in your dream. But, for the most part, many of us are afraid of snakes, & that makes the meaning of dreaming of a snake a little easier to interpret.

If you’ve read any of The Dream Catcher Facebook posts, you know that every character in your dream, whether it be a person, an animal, a car or a house, is an aspect of your personality and your life. We rarely dream about the problems of other people, because our dreams have been given to us to help guide us through our life…not to guide us through someone else’s life.

So, if we dream of a snake, and that snake is really just a side of ourselves, and it’s hissing & biting at us (which is usually the case in dreams) the interpretation would be that it’s our own self accusing & showing disapproving of our own actions.


If the snake is huge, then it means that we feel enormously guilty about whatever we’ve done, and if the snake is small, our guilt is just a tiny, fly-in-the-face annoying type of guilt.

The second most popular interpretation about snakes is: evil & temptation in it’s purest form. The book of Genesis has galvanized the snake as wicked since the beginning of time, and when you dream of being attacked by a snake, and someone who you don’t trust is also in the scene, it’s a warning to stay away from that person, just as Adam & Eve should’ve stayed away from Eden’s snake. If you dream that you’re following the snake, or the snake is somewhere that you’d secretly like to be, then the interpretation for you is temptation. Just as with the ‘guilty’ snake above, the bigger the serpent, the bigger the threat of evil or the threat of temptation.


So, for most of us, dreaming of snakes is a negative dream, but you need to pay attention to the rest of what’s going on in the dream to figure it out. I’m a big dream-journal fan because when you catch every element of your dream on paper before it fades away into oblivion & is forgotten forever, you can look back at your journal entries and discover new information about yourself, and sometimes, you’ll realize that you’ve had warnings about people or situations in more than enough time to have avoided the problem!




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