Dreams are so incredibly strange, it’s easy to ignore them as nighttime brain-babble. They seemingly make no sense, but sometimes, they’re warning you of impending danger!

Take note if you dreamed about any of these symbols last night; they’re almost always negative dream symbols:

  • A stop sign; an obvious dream symbol that you need to ‘stop’ whatever the rest of the dream is showing you.
  • A red light; the same type of warning as a stop sign.
  • Putting your foot on the brakes in a car; most of the time when you dream of this situation, the brakes fail to work. It’s a real warning that you’re losing control.
  • Oddly enough, dreaming of spiders and spider webs indicates that someone is setting you up for a trap. This is also a premonition dream, and it’s not to be ignored. Remember who else was in the room with you & the spider to figure out who to avoid in waking life.
  • A trap door; similar to the spiders web, someone is trying to ‘trap’ you.
  • Dreaming of someone in your back yard or coming through your back door; these 2 places indicate that someone is hiding something from you because it’s in unseen, in the back of your home.
  • Cigarette smoking; always, and I mean, ALWAYS a negative symbol combined with a warning that something is REALLY WRONG. Also a premonition dream, this is one of the strongest warning symbols that I dream about when something terrible is happening. Pay attention to who is smoking the cigarette, and you’ll know who the warning is about.

Hopefully you didn’t dream any of these warning signs last night, but like everyone else, you probably will eventually. That’s one of the reasons why keeping a dream journal within arms reach of your bed and jotting down the most important symbols from your dream as soon as you wake is so important! If you wait until after you’ve had that first cup of coffee, about half of your dream will already be forever gone.

Even if your dream didn’t seem all that interesting or important, scratch it down on a piece of paper anyway and you may be able to figure out something very intriguing before the days over with!


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