Dreaming of an abortion is interpreted as the end of a project, or idea; maybe even a relationship.

Because dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes a new beginning, new idea, or new project, it makes sense that dreams of an abortion indicates that you’ve ended the situation, and not anyone else.

When I have this dream, I wake up a little shocked, and a little sad. But, interestingly, I once dreamed that I had an abortion that had the doctor taking the baby out of my left side. In dream interpretation, the left symbolizes the wrong way – always – there isn’t any other interpretation for it.

Your back symbolizes help, reinforcements..i.e. someone ‘has your back’. It’s a little iffy, but I think that someone or something that appeared to be of help to me was the wrong person or thing, and I ‘aborted’ the situation or idea of it.

Thankfully, I don’t have too many abortion dreams. They disturb me and leave me feeling guilty, even though I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m guessing it’s just the thought alone that bothers me so much.



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