Hello Night Owls!

The first post of the Dream Catcher Dream Dictionary will be short & sweet, since I need to go to bed before the sun comes up!


When you have dreams of being left behind, it means that you have a fear of being left out of something or detached from someone. That may signal that, as painful as it is, you may need to leave that situation.

If you dream that you’re the one leaving a person or thing, it symbolizes your want, or need to leave the situation.


I was taken away from my father when I was 7 years old in an abrupt & shocking way while he was at work. I’ve never gotten over it.. I still have the emotional residue with me of feeling like anything could happen at anytime. Hence, I dream – at least once a week – that I’ve been taken far away from my father, and I’m left in a different state, 500 miles away, trying to get back home.

I know that it’s not quite the same thing as abandonment, but it still gives the same feeling of it…fear of not being with or where you need to be, and it’s an awful feeling.

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