I put so many days in just thinking about what this blog should be about! It finally dawned on me that I’ve loved dreams, and trying to figure out the interpretation of dreams all of my life, and I got really excited. This is actually going to be something that I love doing!

Today is the 2nd day that my blog, and page are up & running, and it’s actually going pretty good. 50 likes on The Dream Catcher Facebook in less than 24 hours is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you’re a non-techy like your truly. I do have to give credit to my oldest son Daniel, who makes for certain that I don’t blow my computer up or let my head to pop off while I try desperately to figure the simplest thing out.

                                                    ∼∼ Thank you, Danny ∼∼

Danny & Tess 006

                                                                Daniel with Tess

Before I get to the ABC’s of dream interpretation, I’ll tell you what I can remember about what I dreamed last night: (I forgot to keep my pen & paper handy & write it down after I woke, and there’s just a few snippets left now)

My friends and I were graduating from high school. One friend in particular, I’ll call her, ‘G’ really was my best friend for years, practically growing up together. We lived about 150 feet away from each other, but somehow, then, it seemed like miles. I consider G – at that time – my first, and my most important – childhood friend.

In the dream, G, and I made important plans to hang out after the graduation ceremony, because she was moving away from the neighborhood soon after. She got her diploma before I did, and after I got mine, I looked everywhere for her, but couldn’t find her. Eventually her sisters told me that she was either in the bar, or next to the bar, drinking vodka straight. I knew then that she’d ditched me, and I was hurt, knowing that we’d never see each other again.

For whatever reason, I was suddenly standing in her driveway, looking around, knowing that everything was going to change now, i.e., the neighborhood, the ties I had with G, and our lives in general. I felt something like homesick, but more painful.

I’m thinking that, since I’ve studied Edgar Cayce’s dream interpretations, graduating from school is a positive symbol. It means that I’ve passed a lesson, or test in waking life (according to Cayce).

Since my childhood friend was with me, and then we were separated, I think this is a symbol of me leaving my immaturity behind (most people in your dreams are just different sides of your personality and character, hence, I ditched my childishness.)

Now here’s a tricky one: the symbol of drinking alcohol for me, means a taking in of the spiritual life. I usually don’t drink other than having a Margarita on my birthday. Because I don’t normally drink, and don’t have anything near a drinking problem, my dream wouldn’t symbolize that I have a drinking problem. And, many people do drink, don’t have a drinking problem, and dream that they’re drinking.  If taking it literally doesn’t fit into your waking life, then you use the metaphor.

To sum it up, I think, my dream told me that I’ve done well & finished learning in one area, or one part of my life, which looks like losing my immaturity and gaining a more spiritual way to live. It also looks like I’m not going back, because I’m moving far way from where I was. And, at the end, I felt pain. Change is almost always painful to some degree, but it’s definitely worth it.

So, my 50th birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks, and I’m finally growing up! I think my family will appreciate it, too…   😉






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