Tess laying on couch, Bella's Easter & Chad 121 (2)Hello out there! I’m glad you’re here, and I can’t wait to post all kinds of wonderful things, like; dream interpretation based on Edgar Cayce’s instructions, ways to have more vivid dreams, how to better remember your dreams, and how to get answers to your life’s questions in your dreams. And last but certainly not least, the Dream Catcher’s Dream Dictionary from A to Z.

Oh, yes, and there’ll be some antidotes, some humor, life-lesson stories, and real-life stories from my own abode. It’s going to be an all-around positive and uplifting experience, for you and me!

If you’ve been to my Facebook page,  you’ve seen how to interpret your dreams of a snake, and you’ve seen my  beautiful (and full-time Diva) German Sheprador, Tess.  She’s definitely not camera shy, so you’ll be seeing more of her antics soon.

So, it’s almost 1 a.m. here in midwest, and creating a Facebook page, a WordPress blog, cooking for my family, doing laundry, and dishes, and trying to figure out my snazzy, new cell phone has been a bit more exhausting than I originally thought it would be when I woke up this morning. I’m calling it a night, and with a hot shower, and a good book, I’ll be asleep in no time, and dreaming those dreams. I’ll see you tomorrow when I’ll be posting about tonight’s dream, and interpreting it, and having more fun..I hope you will, too!




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